DECC have finally published their consultation on the Domestic RHI


DECC have finally published their consultation on the Domestic RHI and there is reason for you to be optimistic about the future of heat in the renewables sector.

There is obviously a lot of fleshing out to do, and DECC want responses to what they have put down on paper (by 7th Dec.). As with most of these things, 80% will stay the same for policy and 20% will change based on feedback, so why not have your say?

Some initial thoughts on the proposals and what it might mean for you and your business [url=]Транспондерные новости[/url]can be found on our blog here but here are at least a few of the highlighted proposals put forward: 

  • Essentially a boiler replacement scheme, renewables in exchange for "dirty" boiler;
  • "Deemed" rather than metered heat (in most cases), paid out quarterly by Ofgem;
  • Air source heat pumps are IN (that is air-to-water units);
  • Solar Thermal to receive best available tariff (proposed 17.3p/kwh) Gas connected properties are IN;
  • Extra incentive to fit solar thermal along with biomass or heat pumps;
  • Tariffs Matrix - rates paid to vary depending on whether it is new build or existing, private or social housing, off-gas or gas grid etc.);
  • Max. system size of 45kW for all technologies (MCS upper limit);
  • "20 years' worth" of RHI to be paid out to system owner over 7 years;
  • RHPP & other funded existing installations ARE eligible (tariffs adjusted to account for funding already given);
  • Green Deal financed supplement to reduce up-front cost should be possible; Green Deal Advice Report a MUST; all "Green Ticks" highlighted (except solid wall insulation) must be done before RHI eligible.

This last point just further goes to highlight the opportunities for those that get approved to become Green Deal Advisors. These services are going to be high in demand and there will be a shortage of qualified people  come spring / summer next year.

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