SAS & Trewartha’s have been working in partnership with Kingspan Solar


SAS & Trewartha’s have been working in partnership with Kingspan Solar and we have now become accredited with Kingspan Solar where we can offer customers a 20 year warranty on Solar Thermal for any installations we carry out on their behalf. We can also pass on this guarantee to customers through accredited registration and we are pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to our customers considering their hard earned investments with Solar Thermal which can reduce water bills by 70% over the course of the year. This is a very positive and renewable incentive in relation to reducing our customers carbon footprint.

We also work closely with Kingspan Water which incorporates the Rain Water Harvesting Systems where grey water can be collected from the roof and it can be discharged into a storage tank, either above ground or below ground. This can then be re-plumbed into the infrastructure of the property providing direct supplies to toilets and washing machines which can provide a considerable saving for water usage considering the increasing water and sewerage rates.

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