The Woodviking Pelletmaster, MCS accredited under the RHI tariff.


The Woodviking Pelletmaster is MCS accredited under the RHI tariff.

The Woodviking Pelletmaster has been designed to provide high efficiency heating from a range of fuels. when fitted with a pellet burning head it has an output range from 15-30kWh with a efficiency of over 90% @ 25kWh.

The Woodviking Pelletmaster also has a large combustion chamber and ash bin making it ideal as a log burner (with conversion kit) with an output of 25kWh.

There is a large water capacity (220 litres) and a built in hot water exchanger coil so there is no need for an additional hot water cylinder.

In the event of no fuel or for summer hot water only the unit is supplied with 4.5kw immersion as standard (13kw available).

A solar coil can also be fitted, if space is limited for a solar tank.

A swimming pool heating coil is also available so the boiler can be utilised all year round.

Call us at SAS & Trewartha's on 01579 340505 for further information and advice on the Woodviking Pelletmaster.

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