SAS & Trewartha’s working in close partnership with Sime


SAS & Trewartha’s are proud to announce we are working in close partnership with Sime for both LPG and natural gas boilers.

Our customers are given a huge warranty to protect their new boiler installation from our Company with a 10 year parts and labour guarantee on the Sime Murelle HE range, dependent on the boiler being installed annually. This is a huge cost saving for our customers, if they took out an insurance plan it would cost at least £200.00 per year so over 10 years this equates to a £2,000.00 saving. Considering the average boiler upgrade is between £2,000.00 - £3,000.00, you are in effect getting a new boiler for free if there are any further maintenance issues on the boiler.  

SAS & Trewartha’s have recently embarked on a radio advertising campaign on Pirate FM promoting this service. Sean feels Sime boilers are one of the market leaders in the sector and the 10 year parts and labour guarantee will give our customers peace of mind on the durability and quality of the product.

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