The Government has released details of the RHI Premium payments


The Government has released details of the RHI Premium payments and the process for domestic customers to apply for premium payments in advance of domestic tariffs being released in 2012.  In summary the premium payments that will apply to eligible installations on or after 1st August 2011 will be:


  • Solar thermal ( value £300 - voucher valid for 3 months)
  • Air source heat pump ( value £850 - voucher valid for 5 month)
  • Ground source heat pump ( value £1250 -  voucher valid for 6 months)
  • Biomass boiler (value £950 - voucher valid for 6 months)

For solar thermal products, any householder in England, Scotland and Wales can apply.

For air, ground or water source heat pumps, and for biomass boilers,  householders without gas central heating in England, Scotland and Wales can apply

The form to register will be available as of 21st July with the opening date for applications being  1 August 2011 from the Energy Saving Trust website at: or by calling EST on 0800 512 012.  If the householder meets the conditions of an energy efficient home and the use of MCS products and installers they will receive a voucher.  They then have a set number of months to redeem the voucher by returning a signed version with a copy of the invoice and a certificate from the Microgeneration Certification Scheme. They will then have the money paid into their bank account. All installations must be complete and vouchers claimed by the expiry date on their voucher. No vouchers will be valid beyond 31st March 2012.

What are the conditions?

The house must be owned by the applicant or if a private tenant, they must have permission from the owner of the property.

The applicant must be the person purchasing the technology.

The property must be a permanent residential building and be occupied throughout the year.

It must have basic energy efficiency measures in place. This means they will need to confirm that they've got loft insulation to 250mm and cavity wall insulation, where these measures are practical.

The renewable heat product that they will be installing must be listed under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, and be installed by someone registered under the scheme, or equivalent.

Once the equipment is up and running, they will be asked to fill in two customer surveys.

Some householders will be asked to have extra meters attached to their installation (free of charge) as the UK Government are keen to monitor and learn about how they are used in practice in various different circumstances and types of home. 

This is a budget limited offer up to £12m.  Once the budget is reached vouchers will cease to be issued

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