DECC announces second phase of Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme


DECC announces second phase of Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme and outlines timetable for the RHI phase two.

DECC have announced that the Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme, due to close on the March 31st this year, will continue with a second phase being launched on April 2nd, with applications open from May 1st. In addition, DECC have increased the amount of budget available for the scheme, from £15m to £25m.  

The new budget will have some key elements:

  • £8m set aside for community groups, won on a 'competition' basis
  • £10m set aside for social landlords
  • £7m available for householders

The focus will continue to be on the 4 million or so homes in the UK not heated by mains gas, and will continue to be administered by the Energy Saving Trust. There are indications that new phase of RHPP may be available for householders throughout 2013, but this is unconfirmed.

In the longer term, DECC has said it remains committed to 'providing longer term support for renewable heat technologies in households'. However the timetable for phase two of the RHI has slipped, with a consultation planned for summer this year and launch of the scheme likely to be in summer 2013. Indications are that plans for the domestic RHI have changed substantially from what was outlined in the original consultation document back in February 2010.

As of March 20th, some 6412 vouchers had been issued to householders, with social housing schemes adding an extra 1100 installations.

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